Marina Krivonossova, B2B Content Marketer and Founder of Retold, recently spoke at DMWF EU (Digital Marketing World Forum Europe) in Amsterdam, where she shared insights on “Telling Better Stories with Interactive Content.” The panel discussion, which included Marc Pérez Miralles of Playoffnations and Dirk Van Hee of, emphasized the significance of interactive content in engaging audiences across various B2B and B2C sectors.

4 DMWF EU 2023 Panelists
Left to Right: Dirk van Hee, Marc Pérez Miralles, Marina Krivonossova, Nazlina Quadir

The Impact of Interactive Content

Interactive content isn’t exclusive to traditionally “fun” sectors; its impact can be profound in industries often considered “non-sexy” or mundane, such as insurance and technology. Marina highlighted that interactive content drives higher engagement rates, provides valuable insights about customers, and fosters brand loyalty. This aligns with the understanding that interactive content creates a personal and emotional connection between the user and the brand, generating positive results.

Tailoring Interactive Content

The discussion emphasized that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to interactive content. Just as with regular content, interactive content needs to be curated and adapted based on the audience and the specific topic in question. This aligns with the understanding that B2B companies can use fictional narrative techniques, quizzes, and clickable doodles to engage users and provide valuable information.

The Role of AI and Composable Technologies

Panelists also discussed the role of AI in content creation, particularly in the context of a Headless CMS model like Dirk highlighted the potential of AI and the importance of ensuring that it remains non-harmful, honest, and helpful. Additionally, it was emphasized that companies will enable themselves to engage more meaningfully with their audiences as they move forward to composable technologies in their marketing stack, providing more speed, control, and scalability regarding their content operations, especially if it is interactive.

The marketing panel’s insights underscore the growing importance of interactive content in B2B and B2C marketing alike. By leveraging interactive content tailored to specific audiences and embracing AI and composable technologies, companies can enhance engagement, gain valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections with their target markets.

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