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I’ve worked with Marina as a colleague (as a videographer/editor at Gladwell Academy) on multiple marketing projects. Her attention to detail, ability to adapt to upcoming changes are what made these projects into the successes they currently are. Marina is very easy to work with, bringing valuable creative input to the project, as well as knowing when to take charge. Marina’s results oriënted approach guarantees the projects get maximum results in minimal time.
Koen de Wolf, Videographer & Web Developer

Marina is focused, well-structured and can work independently. She helped us to get a grip on our LinkedIn presence and increased our social media presence on her own. She developed a clear understanding of the nature of our international NGO EXARC (of which I was director) and how to get that across on LinkedIn. This required the ability of reformulating our message in a way which would fit with the public.

Roeland Paardekooper, Director
Working together with Marina is great. She is results-oriented, open-minded, and easy to work with. For instance; when creating content, she understands what it takes to educate an audience, while also getting people to take a next step AND also having the content SEO-optimized from the get-go.
Raul Tiru, Growth Marketer & Agency Founder
I’ve worked on multiple video projects with Marina, and I have to say that I seldom encounter somebody with whom I have an instant “click” work-wise. She really understands where creativity meets commercial interest, which has made each project a smooth process! Marina’s dedication to delivering high-quality assets on time and her exceptional communication skills have been instrumental in our successful collaborations. I can’t wait to team up even more in the future, here’s to many more!
Martijn Sterk, Online Marketing & Content Creation Agency Owner
Marina truly helped me write great copy for my Etsy store. I knew there needed to be more sizzle in how I presented the ‘story’ of my store, and also in the product descriptions themselves. She was able to build out a beautiful template for me to follow for future products, and show me a way in which to conceptualize what it means to write interesting copy. I would highly recommend working with her if you feel your writing could use some more snap, crackle, and pop!
Joe Arrigo, Director

Marina is a professional, who greatly concentrates on her job, and does work fast and effectively. The content she wrote for LinkedIn and the company website was always highly engaging, informative, catchy, and high-quality. Aside from work, Marina is also an open, jolly, motivating, and curious personality, which is easy to communicate with. She is flexible and adaptable to various organizational cultures and environments.

Yulia Lubetska, Marketing Specialist

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